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Badly written and plagiarised essays
  • Rating - 2.1/10


Tutor Wizard doesn’t seem to be an offer a real-named service, it’s all hidden behind some kind of ‘help’ and ‘assistance’. We can’t recommend them to you. There’s too many issues with the service in order to risk using it. Instead, we’d suggest looking for an alternative service. You can’t risk your grades, after all.


With so many British writing services out there, you’ve got to be careful about who you pick. A service could be legit, but it’s equally likely that it’s another scam. Is Tutor Wizard legit? This review will let you know if you can trust them with your grades.

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Services offered by TutWizard

If you check out the services page on the TutWizard.co.uk website, you’ll see that there are a wide array of services on offer. These include lab reports, analytical essays, and discussion papers. There certainly is a lot on offer, but we do wonder if their writers can handle every kind of service on offer. Will you get a paper that really does you justice?

tutwizard.co.uk review


Of course, you don’t want to order writing from a company unless you know the quality of the writing is good enough. You’ve got to be able to use the writing in your own work, and get grades that are worthwhile. However, according to reviews, this isn’t the case with TutorWizard. Their essays came back badly written and proofread, meaning they couldn’t be used. As well as this, some students say their essays were even plagiarised.

Prices of Tut Wizard

If you want to get a price from this service before you order, you’re out of luck. Unlike other United Kingdom services, there’s no way of getting a price from them unless you login and give them your details. Students who value their privacy won’t find this appealing at all. As well as this, there doesn’t appear to be any discount code or coupon available to get money off your order, either.


The customer service team is available 24/7 if you need help with your order. However, it seems that they’re not known for being reliable. The worst problems come from them not honouring their refund policies properly. Apparently students have been trying to get their money back, but they’ve been refused. If you’re planning to rely on the refund policy if you’re not happy with your order, be warned.

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    Badly written and plagiarised essays,
    DONT trust this web site, they just want to steal your money and disappear,
    they are taking the money and after 24 hours they are saying the expert had a major accident,
    and they will not return your money back.

    Please DONT TRUST them


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