High prices, no guarantee of originality
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This site will produce you an essay, but the over pricing and constant hard sell lets it down severely. Also it’s an open question whether it will be an original one or copied from somewhere else. If you’re looking for good work at a fair price, this site isn’t the site for you.


Welcome to the review of All Assignment Help, a writing service in Britain aimed at UK students. If you’re thinking of ordering assignments from this site, read our reviews of it to find out more about the services on offer here and find out once and for all the answer to the questions, is All Assignment Help legit?

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Support Available at All Assignment Help

The site offers twenty-four hour live chat support, or as an alternative, there is a toll free telephone number. The support agents are reasonably helpful, but it’s all about making the sale so don’t expect any reliable, impartial advice. They just want you to login and buy from them. review

Services you Will Be Offered offer a full service: thesis and dissertation writing, essay writing, online course writing and proof reading and plagiarism checking. The plagiarism checking just screams scam – there are many sites that you can use to get a free plagiarism check.

You can use a coupon to make the service cheaper, but it still feels like you would end up wanting a refund when you find the exact same service for free on other sites.

Pricing of Assignment Writing

The average price is around £32 for 1,000 words. Even using a discount code, this price seems high compared to other services of a similar quality.

Although you would expect to pay a bit extra for a qualified writer, and this site claims all of their writers are qualified, this still means the site are making a hefty profit compared to other writing services. prices

The Quality of All Assignment Help’s Work

The quality of the work is fine – not spectacular, but ok enough that with a bit of tweaking to lose the robotic tone and make it sound like you wrote it, it’s acceptable.

However, you can expect the same level of quality from some of the cheaper sites, so it’s definitely worth looking for a better alternative.

Is It Worth It?

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    So, I used this scam twice. Am I crazy? Probably. DO NOT USE! EXPLANATION BELOW!

    First time was when I asked for a revision and editing of my essay which I have already written but just needed someone with expertise in the matter to review it and tell me what to fix or make better. The All Assignment Help told me that they can do it and that they had the perfect writer for it. I was stoked and I paid what they asked for. Then I didn’t hear back from them in like 14 days before they finally informed me that I was to blame and that they can’t do anything but give me a discount for my next purchase. In the meantime, I got less points on that essay.

    Then I made the next purchase after a while and they promised that their best writer in the subject will work on it. It was supposed to be written from scratch this time. So, it was done on time but it was the worst paper I have ever seen. There were so many errors, the information was not accurate, the grammar was awful, the spelling and punctuation was ridiculous and it was probably plagiarized but I didn’t check because it was already so bad.


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