When it comes to your education, it is important to get the best possible out of the experience but sometimes you may be a little overwhelmed with the coursework and need a helping hand. We have taken a look into Projects Deal to answer the popular question: is legit?

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As their name suggests, Projects Deal offer their writing services for a range of papers from dissertation, essay, thesis, PhD proposal and can even help with simple proofreading. Despite being an all-rounder, they are claiming to be the UK’s leading dissertation writing service.

projects deal review


When you consider which writing service in the United Kingdom you wish to go with, the quality of the work they produce is the most important aspect. We did some research and looked into some reviews on and found that past customers have discovered that their work has been plagiarised as well as having spelling errors throughout and had no other choice but to ask for a refund.

For a service that claims to be the leading dissertation writing service, this is shocking to find out as dissertations require a huge level of skill and knowledge to complete at a good standard.


While quality is the most important, the price that writing services charge is a very close second. If you were to order a 500-word essay from ProjectsDeal and you needed it back within 10 days you are looking to pay £298. And, no, that isn’t a typo! We couldn’t believe that a writing service could charge so much, for so little and was hoping that it was a mistake.

projects deal guarantees

To be asking for prices like that, we were also surprised that they offer no discount code or coupons.


As we only found a couple of short reviews online, we decided to look into ProjectsDeal social media accounts. While we found that their Twitter had a very large following of over 11,000, you can see that they never get any interactions at all. We then took a look at their Facebook and even though they have over 10,000 likes, they don’t ever get any interaction on their either which looks suspicious. Are these followers a scam and been bought? It certainly looks like it. How can a company have that many followers with no reach?

Hidden pricing, no positive reviews found
  • Rating - 2.7/10


When we take into consideration their pricing as well as social media accounts, we find it difficult recommending ProjectsDeal as a service to use. We also found it concerning how we struggled to find a review. You may be better off with an alternative service who offers much better deals and work that isn’t at risk of getting you in trouble by being plagiarised.

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    this company also runs multiple others co uk websites!!!


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      Don’t be fooled. This company is not real. It doesn’t exist the address is also not real. The bank is based in India.


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    I had the misfortune of making use of their service once, and one’s was more than enough the work handed to me was full of grammatical errors and sentences that made no sense whatsoever and had no relevance to to the topic, so when I ask them to correct this it not only took them 2 days just to acknowledge that email but even though I informed them that I would need it back corrected by,giving them 6 days to do the corrections, following week it wasn’t delivered to me until Friday in the middle of the morning after I was forced to send countless of emails chasing them up. And the work I received back had only been minorly corrected, entire paragraph still little with the same mistakes that I had highlighted to them.


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      Hi Mark

      Were the guy Indian who assisted you ? I had an Indian guy talking to me on the phone and on WhatsApp and had many misspelling mistakes while chatting with me as well


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    I received an extremely poor quality work. I have spoken to the writer and he doesn’t even speak english fluently. I dont think this company is real. I do not recommend it.


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