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There’s definitely a better alternative to this website, and absolutely a cheaper option. While this website puts a lot of focus on understanding the needs of a UK student, they are over-priced and offer no guarantees at all on their quality.


Essay Writer is an essay writing service that claims to be producing a professional and high quality service. They use a coat of arms and other features to try and appear typically British and make students trust them. However, despite their presentation, customers should still ask themselves: is essay writer legit? As a well-done website doesn’t mean a business isn’t a scam.

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Essay Writer is aimed at students in the United Kingdom, and offers to produce work on well-over one hundred subjects. You can order a number of assignments such as essays, literature reviews, or personal statements. You can select the time frame you’re looking for, however you do not get to select the number or type of references, which could be a problem for a lot of degree disciplines. Only a review confirming that this service provides good papers in a particular field should be considered trustworthy. review


While this website makes sure they have adequate time to produce good essays, they don’t provide any guarantees regarding the qualifications or experience of the writers they use. They don’t confirm that they will have a certain level of education, and also don’t state how they are able to guarantee certain grades. Once you login, you begin to see that the information EssayWriter provides has some gaps.


There’s no space at all on the order form for a discount code or coupon, so it would appear that you’re expected to pay full price for every order. However, the full price for this website is incredibly steep. A 5000 word paper at 2:1 level with a 5 day turnaround would cost £730 – while a Master’s with the same criteria would be over £1000, or a 1st class level would be almost £1500. This is incredibly pricey compared to other websites.


There’s no live chat window, however there is a phone number, an email address, and a regular address. Unfortunately, the address is actually only for a mailbox, not a physical office, which is quite misleading. It’s not clear whether the other email address and phone number are equally misleading. There is a Facebook page, however activity is restricted to the administrator.

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