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Assignment Master is better to avoid. If the essay will be badly written it will not going to get you the grades you deserve when you are paying for a service. In fact, the reported quality of this service is at the point of average essay downloaded for free. There are many better UK services available.


Assignment Master is a writing service specifically aimed at students in the United Kingdom. They bill themselves as the best online assignment help in the UK.

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This is quite some claim and leads us to ask the question is legit?

The Services

Assignment Master offer a full range of services covering degrees and various college level courses. They offer three levels of writing – premium level, which is someone highly qualified to write on the topic, standard level, which is someone who knows the subject but isn’t an expert and basic writing, which is someone who has to research the topic to write about it.

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The Quality of the Work

The essays from Assignment Master are average quality. Often, people claim some parts of content may be plagiarised or badly cited. The grammar and basic sentences used suggest that their writers aren’t native English speakers, and generally, essays from this site need to be rewritten. Also there were some problems with deadlines, however some people claim that typical orders are delivered on time or just a bit later.

The fact that they only display positive reviews points to the fact that not every testimonial is getting posted on website and it sounds as though they have written the reviews themselves when you compare what is being said to what you actually see when you login or from any work you purchase here.

The Customer Support

The customer support offered here is fine until the point you pay them. Questions are answered promptly and efficiently throughout the ordering process, but once an order is placed, any queries go mostly ignored.

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And if your essay is bad you need it rewritten or require a refund, your issues will be ignored. If you are lucky enough to get a response, the agent will drag out the process until your order is over six months old, at which point you will be told that you aren’t eligible for a refund. There are real issues taken from students reviews on the Internet.

The Pricing

Although the pricing is a bit lower than alternative writing sites available in Britain, the lack of quality or care makes this a waste of money. No coupons or discount codes are readily available on this site.

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    Assignment master are a bogus writing service as far as I can tell. I paid for help and my deadline has already passed with no assignment in sight from them. They tell me they will supply it by 5pm today which is useless if the deadline has passed. I would avoid this site entirely.


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    Same as above. I am asking for refund as would have failed but no response. It was like a child had written the essay. Additionally the essay was supposed to be about safeguarding patients who are detained in a secure hospital with LD and autism from all kinds of abuse, such as bullying, deprivation and dignity and choice etc. etc. What they sent me was about radiography and data protection. Horrific experience


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