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It goes without saying that Boom Essays has put some real effort into the service that they provide their customers. With top-quality content, affordable prices and a secure system, this is everything a custom essay writing service should be and more.


If you’re anything like us, you’ll already be well aware of the fact that there simply aren’t enough hours in the day. As a student, you could be holding down a part-time job, seeing friends and family as well as attending lectures and classes, so how are you supposed to have time to complete all your assignments?


This is where Boom Essays comes in, an online custom essay writing service that can help you to lighten your workload, so you can focus on more important things and still get the grades you deserve. However, is this the custom essay writing service you’ve been looking for? Let’s find out!


Boom Essays is home to a very extensive list of academic writing services for you to choose from, all of which can be found on the services page, or the order form on the homepage. Whether you’re looking to order a standard essay or article, all the way through editing and proofreading services. You can even order an existing essay to be rewritten!

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One of the most important factors we think about with custom essay writing services is the actual quality of the work they provide. Otherwise, what’s the point? A good sign for good content is reading through the written text on the website itself. After all, if they don’t care about this content, they won’t care for yours.


However, Boom excels here, and we couldn’t find a single error on the website. In fact, there are even sample essays on the website for you to look through, allowing you to judge the quality of the work yourself before buying.

Boom Essays Prices

Of course, this will have all been for nothing if you can’t afford the service they are offering. At BoomEssays, the price is worked out based on factors like the type of paper or service you’re looking for, the academic level in which it is written to and the urgency that you require your paper to be delivered and completely by, ranging from six hours to two weeks.

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You can expect to pay a very affordable ÂŁ9.34 per page, but obviously, this can change, depending on what you need to order. Multiple page assignments are available.


Sometimes, you might want to actually get in contact with the website, both before and after making a purchase, to ensure that everything is okay with your order. Thankfully, Boom Essays has made this easy to do so.

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If you require instant help from a member of staff, you can use the US phone number, or send an email via the email button and fill out the form. On the other hand, for no-urgent assistance, you can simply send them an email and await a reply, typically no longer than 48 hours.


Security options

When you’re using an online service such as this, you’ll want to make sure your data, especially your financial data and card information, is safe. Boom Essays has already thought of this since the website using leading SSL encryption technology, making sure that your private details are safe and sound.

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