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All in all, there are definitely some improvements that could be made to Grades Fixer. With poor customer service options, mysterious pricing options, and inconsistent writing quality, most students will be taking a risk if choosing to use this service.


Grades Fixer is a custom essay knowledge database where you can easily search for the essay you’re looking for, either for inspiration, or buying the essay outright.

However, the site does offer a custom essay writing service where you can hire a writer to write your essay on your behalf, making it ideal for students looking for original work.

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Since custom essay writing seems to be a second option for the website, let’s find out how well it performs, and whether is the service you’ve been looking for.


Clicking on the ‘Hire Writer’ option, you’ll be taken directly to an order form. There’s no information on what services the website provides, or what you can expect from working with the website. However, looking at the form, there’s a lot of choices available.

grades fixer review

From standard essays and writing assignments to more complex tasks such as speeches and presentations, Grades Fixer seems to cover most writing services that the majority of students will be looking for.

Quality at

Since there are no other pages on the Hire Writer tab, there are no reviews on testimonials from past customers showing how well the website performs. In fact, there’s no testimonials or reviews anywhere on the website.

Searching online for more information, we found several websites have already reviewed the service, usually averaging a 5/10 score. Regarding quality, most sites pointed out that the content received by students were ‘riddled with errors,’ and the writing quality was not good enough to submit without reviewing yourself.

Grades Fixer Prices Review

Unfortunately, there’s no pricing page, or any indication, on how much the writing service is going to cost you. Even if you make your way through the order form, the website demands that you sign up for an account before receiving your quote. order form

From past experiences, since there’s no baseline, pricing page, and quotes are worked out on an individual basis and not displayed, this suggests GradesFixer is much more expensive than your typical custom essay writing service, as is backed up by other online reviews.


Customer service is such an important part of the custom essay writing service experience, especially if you need to edit your order, or request a refund. However, the options on is limited at best.

On the contact page, you’ll find a basic email form you can fill out, and a physical address based in Bulgaria. There’s no phone numbers, no live chat, no Skype links, no social media pages, and no indication on how long you’ll be waiting for a reply.


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