About Us

It all started when all six of us were in college. We loved our courses, our college, and doing things together – whether it was hanging out, attending college clubs, going on field trips, or even working part-time jobs.

However, our busy schedules left us with little time to complete our coursework and essays, and we often found ourselves struggling to meet deadlines, which meant staying up till ridiculous o’clock in the morning.

There simply weren’t enough hours in the day!

During one study session in a dorm room, we stumbled upon our first custom essay writing service. We were amazed by the idea that we could order a custom-written essay from a professional writer on the internet and have it delivered to our inbox. And it turned out to be true!

Over the next few years, we used custom essay writing services whenever we had no time or found ourselves in a jam. However, we also encountered many scam websites that were only interested in taking our money. We were stung.

To prevent this from happening to you, we formed Best British Essays. We want to share the very best custom essay writing services with you, so you can find the one that’s right for you.