About us

It all started when all six of us were back in college. We loved our courses, we love our college and we love to do things, whether we were hanging out, going to college clubs, going on field trips and we even loved our part-time jobs.

However, this left no time for us to do our coursework or essays and we soon found that deadline approached thick and fast, usually meaning that we had to stay up till ridiculous o’clock in the morning.

There just weren’t enough hours in the day!

One day, while we’re in a study session in a dorm room, we came across our first custom essay writing service. Was this service too good to be true? Could you really just order a custom written essay from a professional writer from the internet and have it delivered to your inbox? In short, yes you can.

Over the next few years, we loved to use these custom essay writing services, especially when we had no time to do them ourselves or we found ourselves in a jam! However, during this time, we came across a load of scam websites that were simply out to take our money. Yeah, we got stung.

So, to stop this happening to you, we banded together to create Best British Essays so we can share with you the very best of the best when it comes to custom essay writing service, allowing you to find the service that’s right for you.