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Cases of papers being not delivered, low chances for a refund
  • Rating - 2.3/10


When we take into consideration the past experiences of many customers, we find it hard to not recommend finding an alternative UK writing service for your dissertation. Many customers posted reviews that stated they never received their paper and due to the lack of communication, didn’t receive a refund either.


We understand just how important your dissertation is to you, which is why we write honest reviews about many writing services based in the United Kingdom. Your dissertation offers most of your final grade at university and can dictate which overall degree classification you get awarded, therefore it is vital to choose the best writing service you can.

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Is Dissertationavenue.co.uk legit? We will soon find out.


As the name suggests, Dissertation Avenue only offer dissertation writing services in the UK. As their entire website is focused towards getting dissertation students to order from them, they are rather limiting themselves to what students can go for their services. Most students only do one dissertation in their educational career. If their writers have the ability to write dissertations, which takes far more skill and knowledge, then they should be able to provide other services alongside it.

dissertation avenue review


The company specialise in dissertation writing and can offer to write either the whole dissertation or sections of it. Whether you need the proposal, literature review, abstract, introduction or the conclusion they are able to help. DissertationAvenue are also able to simply edit your finished dissertation if you decide to write it yourself.


To find out whether Dissertation Avenue were producing quality work, we looked into some reviews from previous customers. We came across two reviews who mentioned that they were perfectly happy with their paper and that it was delivered as expected, however no one seemed to elaborate on that. We then looked a bit further and found a few more reviews from people saying that their papers were full of mistakes and very poor quality.


Dissertationavenue.co.uk offer all of their customers a discount code that gets them up to 50% off their order. While this sounds great, why would a company offer all of their customers a coupon? Why not simply lower their prices?

dissertation avenue prices

If you were to order your dissertation from them and request a 2:1 grade that was due in 10 days then you will be paying £13.50. They offered no more information on this price such as how many pages it would be, although we can assume that it would most likely be for one page.


As we looked for reviews and experiences from past customers, shockingly the very first thing to pop up was someone calling the company a scam. Many reviews were saying that DissertationAvenue never delivered their paper and struggled to get in contact with them again afterwards.

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