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Before placing an order with any UK writing service, you should always be clear on what the quality of their work is, that’s why we have provided you with a review of


Quality Assignment are able to provide writing services for most types of assignments from essays to dissertations. When it comes to placing an order with them you are able to either order your custom paper or dissertation or simply get them to edit it for you after writing yourself. review


To be honest, if their work is anything like their website quality then it really isn’t that great at all. QualityAssignment’s website has many spelling mistakes and hasn’t even been designed correctly. Due to the errors in design, some wording is unclear or completely invisible due to the background and wording colours.

Some of their headings are even repeated multiple times in a row, which only highlights the spelling mistakes. It shows that they haven’t even proofread their own website, let alone their work.


So you have an idea of what charge, we have provided you with a price example below:

If you were to order a 2,000-word assignment that you need back within 2-3 days, then it will cost you £90. They also ask for a £45 deposit (or half of the full amount) before any work is started. prices

Quality Assignment also offer a 10% discount code for anyone who refers friends to their service, but no other coupons.


When we took a look at their social media accounts, we found that while both their Twitter and Facebook has followers around the 350 mark, they were not active at all. Their Twitter hasn’t been active since May 2016 and their Facebook hasn’t been since February 2016, which just raises the question, is Qualityassignment legit? It does look as if their followings have been bought and are a scam.

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