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We provide reviews of many UK based writing services for that customers within the United Kingdom are able to read about a range of services and judge who is best for them.

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When you come to ordering your assignment with Global Assignment Help, you are able to virtually meet their big team of writers. You are able to read through their profiles which outlines their areas of expertise, experience and what they like working on to find who suits your academic needs best. You are also able to see how many assignments they are currently working on, to judge whether it is likely for them to finish yours on time. review

They have a range of writers with experience of writing hundreds or thousands of assignments as well as writers who are currently working on between 30 to 300 assignments at the moment. They also have a varied number of writers who all focus on different areas, who can offer a huge range of services from essays to dissertations.


Globalassignmenthelp claim on their site that they offer high quality work that meets your deadlines, every time. They go on to say throughout their website that they have helped thousands of students achieve A+ grades after ordering from them and conjur up an image of students who are all relaxing while their team of writers do all the hard work, while they sit back and let the good grades come in. Too good to be true?

Prices certainly do offer a lot of discount codes and coupons to their customers. They offer seasonal deals that give their customers 25% off, with an extra 5% if you use their app, a deal for customers ordering their 4th paper as well as rewards for those who are referring friends to the service.

As they offer so many deals, they are seemingly a very cheap UK writing service, so we have provided you with a price example. If you were to order a 2:1 graded paper that is 1 page in length and due in 10 days, you are going to be paying £9, making them a very affordable service.


When we were looking for reviews on the company, we came across a site that has given them 54 reviews. Weirdly though, they have been given almost equal amount in 5 star reviews as they have with 1 stars and they have only been awarded a handful of 4 star reviews. For every one review saying that they are fantastic, there is another saying that their work is awful and that they are actually a scam and you will lose your money with no way of getting a refund.

Fake reviews, fraud activities

  • 2.6/10
    Rating - 2.6/10


When ordering some an online writing service it is important to take reviews into consideration, which makes Global Assignment Help very difficult to judge. As they have been awarded the same amount of 5 star and 1 star reviews, it is hard knowing which to side with. You may be better off going with an alternative service who has been given a much clearer review score.

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    Need refund money for the order Code : B02827 / Code : B04505 : Failed module based on failed assignment, missed deadline for sending 5 wrong modified assignments. Non-compliance with the instructions in the assignment brief (TASK 1 – 60%) (1500 words) + TASK 2 – 40% (1000 words) the modified work you provide contains between 4000-4500 words. Site ad reads: 100% Money Back Guarantee In case we fail to provide you quality work or send the assignment late to you, then you can get money back within 5-6 working days.


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    I never had a similar experience in all my life. This is the worse experience ever and the employees are very unprofessional with their clients.


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    The most horrible company I ever used! They assign poor writers who even can’t understand the questions and speak basic English! (according to a draft delivered). However, they fail to deliver the project in time with delay of a week and requesting more time! WhatsApp communication is useless. They always make me to send them emails! Please, do not waste your money and time with this company! Absolutely not recommend their services! Horrible and stressed experience ever!


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