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Unclear pricing, doubtful reviews, cases of quality issues


Despite Speedy Paper offering their writing services for very affordable prices, they are not very clear on providing information with what their prices include. Having taken all of their reviews into consideration, it may mean that Speedypaper.com are a risk to take? It may be better off to go to an alternative service in the United Kingdom rather than have to worry about whether you may need to get a refund.


We understand how important your grades are to you and how much of a risk it seems to trust a UK writing service to produce great work for you, so we have put together this review to find out whether Speedypaper.com is legit and a great service, or a scam.

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SpeedyPaper are available to work on almost any assignment you have from your dissertation, thesis to article. Speedy Paper will even write your CV and cover letter for you.

Speedypaper.com have included information on how many writers are within their company, which are advertised at being 828 at this moment.

speedy paper review


SpeedyPaper.com claim to be not only one of, but the fastest writing service out there, which is quite easily a bold statement to make. With this statement, you ultimately feel that they are trustworthy and will deliver your work on time.

Speedy Paper showcase over 100 reviews on their website with an average score of 9.08, making them seem to produce very high quality work. Speedy Paper go on to claim that they will only ever produce high quality work for their customers which will always be on time and offer free revisions.


SpeedyPaper offer a quick and easy to use price calculator on their homepage as well as a clear price guide on their website. To help you out, here is a price example directly from their website:

If you required an undergraduate paper that must be delivered to you within 14 days, then you are looking to pay $11. While this is a very good price it fails to say what grade this would give you and how many pages it includes.

speedy paper price table

Speedypaper.com do not offer any discount code or coupons on their website.


While Speedypaper.com showcase many reviews on their website it is important to get reviews from elsewhere. That’s why it is so great that they have advertised their Facebook page for you to find, which gives them not only verification but also reviews from other customers. Social media is perfect to find out whether Speedypaper.com is legit.

By following some of these links on their site as well as searching for reviews online, it becomes clear that quality is an issue with their work. Some claim that the writing was quite poor quality or below average and was not written by a native English speaker, which is a world away from their amazing reviews on their website.

2 thoughts on “Speedypaper.com review

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    1. I order a 6000 words essay from them which cost me around 500 pounds (I used a discount code)
    What happen is the support agent’s attitude is very polite to compensate writer bad attitude (such as repeatedly ignoring instruction and documents I provide) even though I ASK FOR TOP WRITER

    2. The writer only view the topic and went straight into research and grab whatever come out in the first page (I want to provide draft but I cant here). However, I do have proof that despite I inform, beg, implore, curse in the live chat box, the writer chose not to read the document I provide, thus the research aim is way off. For example, my research philosophy is “constructionist ontology” and “interpretivist” BUT he research the wrong key term such as ” constructionISM” and “interpretviSM” which is totally different thing.

    3. what frustrate me the most is repeat mistake, for example I would give them my thought time to time, like changing the research aim, BUT they just wont listen or make change, even after I spot the mistake and inform them immediately, the writer chose to ignore.

    4. DO NOT, I REPEAT, DO NOT TRUST ASSITANCE AGENT IN LIVE CHAT BOX, they have no authority or power to force the writer to do anything, SO FAR they been too polite because they hope you will back yourself up one day so they don’t really need to lose any money, for example I ask them for refund after I spot the same mistake FOUR TIME IN A ROW (wrong aim, wrong philosophy, insist not to read powerpoint slide)

    5. They are being polite to stall the problem until you eventually forgot and back off, and the so called “our manager will contact u in 24 hours” is a common way to stall you. I would recommend just post every evidence you have here to let everyone know. Because u can’t expect they will give back the money, you just cant.

    6. You can’t talk directly to the writer, all your comment will be address by the assistance, so you can’t make sure weather the assistance forward the message.

    7. It almost 24 hours late and I haven’t received any email or phone call from the manager, like I presume, I’ve been ghosted. If I didn’t update this, then you know MY MONEY 500 NEVER COME BACK.


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    I didn’t liked it at all. Also, they do not specialize in writing for UK, so all the country-specific requirements were failed 🙁


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