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Based on the content of’s landing pages, they are not written by someone who has spent time in the United Kingdom, or speaks English as a first language. An different service would be a much better alternative.


MHR Writer advertises itself as a service that can provide written work for all kinds of tasks, such as dissertations, assignments, and essays. There are dozens of different forms of assignments, and dozens of topics available here, however the question remains: is MHRWriter legit? It’s hard to tell when websites like this that target students are a scam.

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There are multiple tasks that you could purchase on this website, though the most relevant for the majority of students would be an essay. You add in the normal information you would expect to provide, such as a login username and password, your topic, word count, and the kind of references you’d want. You are also able to select your deadline and the grade you want, but there is no information regarding how the writers can guarantee the results. review


One of the main concerns regarding quality is the fact that MHRWriter will agree to produce papers of any length within 24 hours. Because there is no way to produce any kind of decent paper in only 24 hours, there is no doubt that they are willing to sacrifice quality in order to secure your order. There is no information regarding the qualifications or experience of the writers, however the content of the website reads as though it’s been produced through an online translator – which makes the site inherently not trustworthy. If they can’t even make their website appear to be legit, then how can their essays or assignments be good either?  If you find a review for this site, make sure it is well-written before you trust it.


For a regular 3000 word paper, at a 2:1 standard with a 5 day turnaround, the price would be £195. There is no space to add a discount code or coupon, so you will pay full price every time you order. While this is fairly reasonable for a 5 day turnaround, the less time you have, the more expensive MHR Writer becomes.


There’s a live chat window, which was offline at the time of writing, there’s also a UK phone number however no indication regarding whether or not this will also be offline, or if you will get a helpful answer. There is a Facebook page too, however this is mainly full of memes rather than reviews or engagement and interaction with customers.

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    This website is using exact same design as another company which is also a scam.. I think they are connected and this one is scamming too. Many bad reviews on the web!


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