Unconfirmed promises and guarantees, claims of bad quality in reviews
  • Rating - 2.3/10


Overall, seems like a bit of a gamble. They do make bold claims, but their reviews from customers don’t seem to back them up, and their prices are high for what you get. We’d suggest checking out other alternative sites before making your decision.

2.3/10 make big claims about the quality of their writers and their services. But are these claims for real and is legit? We investigated the site, giving it a full review, and here’s what we found.

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Sharkpapers offers only four kinds of services: essays and papers, theses and dissertations, personal statements and admission essays, and finally, proofreading and editing. They do, however, offer these from GCSE level on up to PhD level. They state they will assign your paper to the writer with the most expertise in your field.

Included in your order are a bibliography and title, free unlimited revisions, formatting, proofreading, and an assignment scheduler. review

Shark Papers quality

Obviously, you place paramount importance on the quality of your paper. You want it to be just right. Can SharkPapers deliver? We analysed several of the samples provided, and noted that while the quality was generally good, there were several typos in some of the works, and also that some of them did not seem to be written for a British audience.

We also researched Shark Papers online and found that there were quite a few negative reviews of the site. Some complaints were made about the quality of the papers, and a frequent complaint was that refunds were requested due to dissatisfaction but then refused, despite SharkPapers’ refunds guarantee. There was even one accusation of Shark Papers being a scam due to the individual in question receiving a sub-par paper but not a refund when she complained.


When we reviewed the site, there was a discount of 50% off all orders. We carried out a quote for a paper due in 3 days at Honours undergraduate level, and this came out to £16.75 per page, or £83.75 for a 5-page paper. However, outside of the limited promotion this would cost £167.50, which is quite steep. prices


SharkPapers have a ‘Call Me’ or ‘Email Me’ service where they will phone or email you if you provide your email address or phone number. You can also call a Freephone UK number or chat with them directly. They have Facebook and Twitter icons on the site, but don’t seem to have an actual social media presence.

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    Received a horrible piece of writing and asked for revisions, the “revised” paper came back exactly as it’s been before without ANY changes. In the end I was left out with no money and no paper completed.


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    Using Shark Papers would be a huge mistake on your part. I asked for a professional assignment on a marketing topic and what I got was a slightly reworded article from one of the first websites on the google search results when you type in my topic. It was terrible, didn’t meet the word count and the changes they made created an awful sentence structure which didn’t make any sense. Plus, they charged me the full price for that, promised a great writer and A grade paper. When I called them out on their mistakes, they refused to respond or give me a refund. Stay as far away as possible.


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    How extremely alarming! Shark papers is not even a accredited by a professional body and their written work is absolutely shocking! Not only that but they are frauds and not legit. They refuse to refund and try to get rid after you have paid. Go elsewhere!


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    Sharkpapers are the same organisation as Myperfectwords. Both websites are complete fabrication and they are writing their own reviews on Trust pilot, and other review sites. They are con men spinning lies about promoting their service. Sad thing is that they’re allowed to continue getting away with it. The essays you pay for are all copied and pasted rubbish that you will not be able to submit. But they don’t care as by then they have your money. You will NOT get a refund!!


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    Sharkpapers are not legit and they’re con men. Everything they tell you is lies!! Their website is fake as you will not get a refund after receiving essays that are not worth the paper they are written on. Subject is not understood at all. All text is copied and pasted with no referencing! They literally take your money and run and write their own reviews on review sites!! They’re not an accredited writing service and lie about theiridentity. Sharkpapers is a complete Scam!!


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