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Claiming to have a unique and scientific approach to writing essays, Essay Writing Lab is a unique custom essay writing service, home to over 350 experts who can write and edit your essays to perfection.

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It’s easy to see why UK students would be drawn to the site but it’s important that you spend the time to pick the right service for you so you can be sure you’re spending your money in the right places.


Unforeseeably, there’s no dedicated services page on the website so it can be extremely difficult to find out which services the website actually offers. However, on the homepage, you’ll find a list of four main service types which include Assignment Help, Case Studies, Dissertations and Essays. review

If this is all the services that the site offers, some students may already be forced to go elsewhere if their required task isn’t covered, such as term papers, research papers, presentations and speeches.


There’s a handful of testimonials to be found on the website, but none of these have dates, a rating system or even a name from the customer.

To clarify, we searched for any available samples of their work, but unfortunately there are no samples anyway of this website, so it’s very hard to say what kind of quality you should expect from them.


Unlike the rest of categories, there is actually a dedicated pricing page, and you can use the live calculator on this page to work out an accurate quote for your assignment.

To give you a rough idea for what assignments cost, a ten-page essay, written to a Premium quality, (there’s no indication to what this actually means or what academic level this relates to) with a 3-day deadline, will set you back around £204. prices

This is such a lot of money, and many students will be struggling to afford this service, especially if they’re living on a tight budget.


There’s not even a contact page to be found on the website. We’ve looked high and low, and all we can find is the live chat feature on every page, which only operates during certain hours of the week, a toll-free UK phone number, and that’s about it. This may leave you feeling in the dark if you have a question or query.

No samples of work available, lack of testimonials from previous customers and a very limited number of pages on website

  • 4.7/10
    Rating - 4.7/10


With all of the above in mind, it’s extremely difficult to recommend, and we’d advise students that there are much better quality and more affordable services out there.

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