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Your education and grades are not something you should be trusting companies with who you know nothing about, which is exactly what worries us about We couldn’t find any reviews for this company so we are unable to tell you whether they are any good or not, which may mean that you are better off with an alternative service who you know deliver quality work.


We know how important it is to research into writing services before entrusting them with your assignments. Because of that importance we have provided you with a review of the United Kingdom writing service Academic Paper. Are legit or just another scam? Together, we will find out.

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When you login to AcademicPaper, straight away you are presented with information on how many writing services they can offer their customers. They are able to provide you with quality writing for dissertations, essays, research papers and even your thesis. They also provide all of their customers with unlimited revisions until they meet your requirements, resulting in 100% satisfaction to their customers. Although this is great to see, it may not be good enough for students with tight deadlines. review


When it comes to ordering your assignment from, the quality of the work is the most important aspect, pricing following behind as a very close second. Academic Paper promise to deliver work that is 100% original and if you are not satisfied then you are able to ask for a refund.

They claim that they are focused on proofreading their work with a fine comb as well as double checking the quality of the work before sending it back off to you. But are these just promises?


As the pricing of a UK writing service is so important, we have put together a price example for you. If you were to order a 2:1, undergraduate, 1 page article, that is due within 10 days you are looking to pay £13.99. This doesn’t make them cheap but they are certainly not expensive. 4 easy steps

While they don’t offer many coupons, they do have an attention-grabbing discount code for first time customers that gives them 15% off.


Shockingly, AcademicPaper don’t seem to have any reviews up online. While this could be due to them being a relatively new company, we did come across a forum that had students discussing whether the company was a scam or not. Some students said that found the service to be great while others were saying that they believe them to be a scam – however, it is hard knowing who to believe on these sites as none of them had any hard evidence or back up.

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