Low quality service, multiple mistakes in website content


While it doesn’t seem to be an outright scam, the lack of quality suggests this is a site best left alone. If you are looking for reliable services that are worth their money, it’s advisable to look for a better writing service.


Affordable Dissertation is a UK based writing service that specialises in dissertations. They claim their dissertation writing is not only the best in the United Kingdom, but also the cheapest.

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Are these claims true? Read our review to find out.

The Services AffordableDissertation Offer

As mentioned above, this site focuses mainly on dissertations, although they also offer alternative services such as essay writing and general assignment writing. They also offer PhD services.

affordable dissertation review

The Quality You Can Expect from Affordable Dissertation

Let’s just put it out there – the quality here isn’t great. The first red flag for the distinct lack of quality is right there on the homepage. There are several awful mistakes, for example, they say they were “established in 203” and use this sentence: “no matter how much complicated your paper is?”.

This isn’t something we would expect to find on a professional writing site and it tells us a lot about the quality of the writers.

The Prices

The pricing is clearly listed on The transparency of the pricing is a good thing, yet it instantly disproves their claim of being cheaper than other writing services in Britain. Their prices are pretty much the standard prices you’d expect from these writing services.

There are various ways to lower your price, including a coupon and a discount code, but again, this is in line with how these sites all operate, so again, the price isn’t significantly lower than any other writing site. price plans

Although it’s not a scam per se, it does mislead the potential customer and as you can see from the quality of the website, the writing doesn’t scream value for money – in fact, there’s a better than average chance you’ll end up wanting a refund.

The Support

As soon as you visit the website, the support chat box opens up. The support team are pretty reliable and will answer you quickly, but is this enough to save this site and make it worth using?

Once you login to the website, you can see customer reviews, which strangely are all positive. This immediately leads to the thinking that the reviews are a scam as there is not even the odd negative review, and even the most fantastic service can’t please everyone.

So, is Affordable Dissertation Legit?

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