Missed delivery dates, low quality writing
  • Rating - 3.6/10


When it comes to your grades, they cannot be played with, so you need to go with a trustworthy service who won’t force you into claiming a refund. As they have so many mixed reviews it shows that they are not consistent with the quality of their work or fulfilling their promises with deadlines, which just isn’t good enough.

You may be better off going with an alternative writing service that can fulfill on promises and deliver great quality work to you.


We fully understand just how vital it is to find a writing service that you can trust and that is why we have provided you with a review of the UK based company Assignment Labs. Are legit or a total scam? Read on to find out!

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Services offered by Assignment Labs

When it comes to ordering your assignment from, you can either order your own custom assignment or purchase a pre-written one. When they write to your brief you can order services from dissertations to articles and lots in between, so you are sure to find the right fit for you. review


AssignmentLabs claim that they are the most reliable writing service within the United Kingdom and that they will never let you down with quality work, delivered on time. While this is all great to hear, they only have a couple dozen writers on their team which allows you to be justifiably worried about them coping with the work load and keeping to their claims of quality. If they are rushing to get onto their next clients work, would their quality be just how they are promising?


Assignment Labs offer a very simple to use price calculator on the side of their website, so we have used that to generate an example of their pricing for you. If you were to order a one page, 2:1 graded paper with Harvard referencing that is due within 10 days, you are looking to pay £8.99. certainly are very cheap and affordable which makes them great for students with tight budgets. prices

Furthermore, while they don’t offer many coupons or deals, they do offer their customers a discount code of 10% off with any urgent papers.


We took a look at some reviews online for Assignment Labs and while they have a good amount of great reviews on their social media platforms and website, the reviews that have been published in other avenues aren’t so great and they average at 2.5/3 stars.

While some reviews say that their experience was great and fully recommend them, others say that they found the quality of work to be just average and that they did not keep to the deadlines – which made them late handing in their work.

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