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There’s no room for doubt – law is a tough subject at any university. Law Essays Help offers to make this experience easy for students, however as there are so many scam sites out there, it can be wise to read some honest reviews before you put your education and grades into the hands of a website.

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As you might expect, Law Essays Help is designed to help law students – so it only produces essays, assignments, theses, or dissertations for legal subjects. This seems great for law students, as you assume that people are qualified, but for someone sceptical, it seems like this is trying to target students who are probably the most desperate and have the largest workloads. You only need to login to be able to order a paper, and you can choose the grade you want, your deadline, and provide information on your topic and references. review


The website for states that the writers all have degrees, but it does not specify whether or not they have law degrees, or if they are from the UK and speak English as a first language. Having a law essay written by a non-native speaker who is not an expert in this particular subject could only lead to a low quality paper.


We would expect law essays to be really expensive, as they’d require someone qualified to write them. However, there’s a discount code or coupon when you sign up to the website that gets you 40% off – so a 5000 word paper that would cost £285.80 would only come to £171.48, or £3.43 per 100 words. This is way below average, and we find it hard to believe that qualified lawyers are working for such low rates.


There’s a live chat window, however this comes across as a little robotic. There’s a contact form, an email address, and a United Kingdom phone number – however the link to their Facebook page is non-existent and just produces an error message, so it’s impossible to try and find a review there. This is worrying, as it may be the case that the phone number and email address don’t lead anywhere either.

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    Failed my law essay on international worship because of them.These people have no clue about academic paper writing 🙁


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