Doesn't support UK academic requirements, low quality standards, obligatory registration prior order placement
  • Rating - 3.9/10


It’s easy to see that there’s definite room where can be reviewed and improved. If you’re looking for an urgent service that can bring you a fast and reliable service, it’s probably best to go elsewhere.


Do My Essay is custom essay writing service that claims to be able to connect you with an expert writer who can write your academic content when you need it. The service claims to always be on time, to provide a native English writer, and to remain affordable.

However, as a student, you’ll probably be living on a tight budget which is why it’s important to pick the service that’s right for you. When it comes to custom essay writing services, there’s a lot to choose from.

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Today, we’re going to pick apart Do My Essay, detailing everything you need to know in order to choose whether or not this is the service that’s right for you.


While there’s no Services page to be found anywhere on the website, you can easily see whether the service you’re after is available using the order form on the homepage. On this list, you’ll find around 30+ services to choose from. review

This is ideal if you’re looking for a basic academic service such as a report or an essay, but you may already need to go elsewhere if you’re looking for a more complex service, maybe one that a leading writing service provides.


Of course, the quality is so important when it comes to your writing service of choice. If you don’t get quality, it’s not going to be worth paying for the service. While there are plenty of recent reviews on the website itself, none of these are extensive reviews that actually describe the quality of the content.

However, there are no samples on the website, so you can’t read through them yourself and make your own decision. Searching online, we found that a lot of the people think this is an average service where you’re probably going to have to read through the content yourself

Prices at Do My Essay

To work out the price of you required if you want to move forward with this service, you can use the price calculator or the pricing page. To give you an idea of what the prices are like, a 10-page Master’s essay written with a 3-day deadline will set you back around $99.79. process explanation

Looks like a great deal? Not really. As you can see, this is incredibly low price. However, it equals the low level of quality that we explained in the previous paragraph.


Another important thing you’re going to need to think about is the amount of support you can get. If you need to make an edit, change or refund, you’re going to need to get in touch with the support team.

However, the only three ways you can get in touch is via the live chat, the phone number, and that’s it. There are no social media links, no easy email addresses, no Skype link, meaning it could be difficult to get in touch when you need them the most.


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