Unclear pricing and payment policy. Lack of information about the services provided (no samples, small amount of reviews, no information about writers).
  • Rating - 2.8/10


Sometimes it’s hard to discern between what’s good and what’s not so good for you. If you are looking for help, this service is certainly one of your options but you should always consider looking for alternatives that could potentially provide you with better results.


Students in United Kingdom are struggling with their everyday obligations. With tests, exams and research papers, who can blame them? However, simple solutions for their troubles are UK essay writing services like

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In this review, we’ll determine is Eduistic legit or a scam.


Even though the website is good-looking and it has a certain flow, important information like what kind of services they offer proved hard to find. Other than a few blog article links displayed on the homepage, we couldn’t locate any other data on their services and we were, therefore, unable to understand what they are. review

Quality of the papers from Eduistic

As with services, information was just as hard to find when it comes to the quality of their services. The website states that they have existed since 2005. There are a few positive reviews as a part of their homepage but we were unable to find any additional information like samples, third party sites reviews etc. The site says that they have British tutors as well as tutors from all around the world. It would be better if they have displayed some of the information like samples, reviews from other websites or articles about them – some sort of social proof that other people have used it and enjoyed it.


A submission form can get you a quote and let you know what their pricing is. However, we were unable to locate any discounts, discount codes or coupons. Refund policy is just as hard to find and we ultimately believe that there is none. There is, however, some information on secure payments. price quote

We tried looking for additional information on payments and other elements related to it elsewhere but we haven’t been able to obtain it.


One of the first information you’ll stumble upon once you login is the information that they offer 24/7 help and support. They display a carousel of the team member’s avatars where they state their names and statuses. They are supposed to be available at all times. There are social media tags but once you click on them, it just leads you to your sign in page. You can reach them via email in their ‘contact us’ section.

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    This paper is so bad: they wrote one paragraph that was actually relevant and that is it. There isn’t even an introduction or conclusion.


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    This is the worst service I have ever seen. Absolute scam. First things first, they are NOT native English speakers. Second, they are not even near being “experts” or even academic in any area. A two year old could make the same essay.


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    The writers are not professional tutors or professor or graduated students. Assignment work is inaccurate with plagiarism and poor grammar, unrecognisable spelling. Waste of students time and money. Beware of EDUISTIC.COM


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    This is the worst service I have ever seen. they are liars, they just steal your money and don’t do anything,
    please please please don’t trust them or deal with them


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