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British Assignment Writers is a writing service aimed at students studying in Britain. They claim to have the best writers who are qualified and experienced and specialise in UK education models.

The Services They Offer offer various writing services including dissertation writing, general assignment writing, essay writing and coursework writing. review

All of the service pages rehash the same information over and over again, which is clearly just sales copy and doesn’t answer any specifics. This makes the website come across as a bit of a scam as they don’t give any real information on any of their services pages.

The Support They Offer

There are plenty of support options including email, various social media platforms, live chat and telephone support. Unfortunately, the support agents continue with the sales pitch type of talk that is present on all of the pages.

The Quality You Can Expect

The company states that it offers a refund in the case of plagiarised work and/or an F grade. This says a lot about the quality. A writing service should never sell you plagiarised work and certainly not an essay that would get a bad grade.

It also makes it clear that the site administrators will decide what level of refund you will get and it isn’t open to debate. This statement alone screams scam and it’s advisable to look for a more reliable alternative.

The Prices You Will Pay

It’s impossible to get an accurate quote without creating an account and then using the login – without this, it will just be an estimate. prices

There is a large pop up on every page talking about a coupon for a 30% discount and the live chat box keeps reminding you to grab your discount code before placing your order.

It states that there are conditions attached to the discount, but nowhere does it tell you where you can find them or what they are and the code isn’t displayed either.

The pricing is rather high compared to similar United Kingdom sites.


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