7dollaressay.com review

Services are not targeted at UK students, no information about writing according to UK academic standards. Pricing in USD. No samples of work available at website.
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In the end, we didn’t feel that 7dollaressay.com offers anything out of the ordinary to the British market. Their services aren’t tailored to the UK and even their prices are only quoted in US dollars. We would advise to find an alternative site which does cater for the UK market reliably.


As a British student, if you’re looking for an essay-writing service tailored to you, it can sometimes be difficult to find one. We’re taking a look at 7DollarEssay.com to see if they have anything for students in the United Kingdom and if their services are indeed value for money.

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The site offers a lot of services, including essay-writing, résumé writing, and editing services in a variety of subjects. They have three grades of standards for any work produced: Platinum, Premium, and Standard, which means that you will be assigned a writer with a certain amount of experience in the field depending on which standard you select or require.

7dollaressay.com review


7 Dollar Essay claim that 8 out of 10 customers recommend their services, but when we checked external review sites rather than their own testimonials, we found reviews from customers who said their essays were returned with grammar errors and found it implausible that they were written by native English speakers.

They do not provide a samples page for us to check their work directly, but we did notice that some of the content on the site itself sounds like it wasn’t written by a native speaker of English, due to some stilted phrasing and odd use of language.

7 Dollar Essay prices

7DollarEssay pride themselves on their low prices, but when we drew up a quotation for an undergraduate English Literature 8-page essay, due in 2 days, with 3 Oxford-style references, the total price came to a shocking $184.00. The price could only be quoted in US dollars rather than UK pound sterling, and the academic levels in the quote didn’t reflect British schooling.

7dollaressay prices

When we checked the pricing page, we found that the $7 quoted in their headline services only applies to high school students who have a deadline in over 15 days and is per page.


In terms of their customer support, particularly for British users, we found that this wasn’t too great. The support phone number was US-based, though they do have Skype. There is also a support email address, a Live Chat service, and various social media links, though the social media sites weren’t particularly active.

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    For 7 dollars you get just 1 page, not a full essay (if you need more than 1 page) and the quality is low. I thought 7 dollars is for whole assignment and expected at least college level of quality. Thats sad.


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    You could make a comedy out of this site: I paid for 5 pages and there were major mistakes in it. Inconsistency in names of theorists, no bibliography was used, and they claimed that a major theorist came up with a theory after he died. When I questioned them on this, they said that it’s possible that this could happen. They took no responsibly for the major errors that they made.


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    7 dollar in their name is an obvious clickbait, when you start to fill an order form that price will multiply a lot

    and 7 dollar means that they write for US, not UK


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