Unqualified writers, over-advertised promises, doubtful discounts


Hopefully this review will encourage students to seek an alternative essay writing service, as this one simply does not seem to care about what they’ll write about or why, they seem to care a lot more about securing your business and profiting from you.


Having read some reviews of Assignment Desk, we decided to look into it to answer the all-important question: is Assignment Desk legit, or is it a scam? There are now thousands of assignment writing services available online, and many of them claim to be specific to the UK, and understand the needs of students in the United Kingdom, but it’s sometimes hard to know what you can trust.

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Services of Assignment Desk

AssignmentDesk appears to be very similar to other essay writing services in the sense that you simply login and complete an order form. However, there are actually several aspects that make this appear less reliable than other essay writing services. Most importantly, asks for a lot less information about your paper, so it’s hard to see how they’ll do it well. They don’t even ask for your subject or level of education at first, both of which should affect the price and the availability of writers.

assignment desk review


There’s a lot of information on the website, however none of it discusses the qualifications or credentials of the writers you hire. As there doesn’t seem to be a difference in price for undergraduate or Master’s level papers, there won’t necessarily be a difference in quality, even though there definitely should be.


There is currently a discount code you can use on your first order, and a coupon you can retrieve via their app. The prices are average, though with a discount they go pretty low, which makes us wonder how good the writers are if they’ll work for such low price. Generally speaking you do need to pay a certain amount for a good paper. Prices do vary depending on your deadline, for example, a 3000 word paper in 5 days would cost £111.18, this is with 25% off first order discount. This isn’t too big an increase, though it’s a problem as it’s not really feasible to produce a quality paper of that length in such a small amount of time.

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There are details provided for customer support, however when you look at their Facebook page it hasn’t been updated this year. This means you could wait a while to get help, and may be stuck if you want something like a refund.

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