Problems with quoting, requirement to sign up
  • Rating - 4.7/10

Summary might actually provide services as promised, but it’s certainly not the best one out there. The reports of poor writing, and the inability to get a proper quote without signing up to the site, bother us. British students may want to find an alternative writing service.


UK students have it tough, as they’re snowed under with assignments and work. Masterra say that they can help take some of that load off your shoulders. With so many scam sites out there though, can they really be trusted? This review will help you decide, is legit?

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The way the services are presented on the website does look professional, but there may not be a lot here for students. They advertise their copywriting services, such as articles and press releases, website content, and editing and proofreading. These can be helpful to some students, but it’s not exactly what they need. They can do assignments, but it’s clearly not their writers’ expertise. review


Every student wants a reliable service that can give them an essay that they can use. Can Masterra do this? According to past reviews, it’s not likely. Students say that they essays they got back were light on research, and it was clear the writers didn’t have a background in the subject they were writing in. Your essay needs to be perfect, and when you’re paying for writing services you expect better than this.


Students in the United Kingdom are on a budget, and that’s why they’re looking for quotes on essays before they buy. However, this doesn’t seem to be how Masterra works. You need to login to the site, and then give a description of your order to get a price on it. This may be too slow for you, so you may end up just looking elsewhere. It’s also worth noting that there’s no discount code or coupon available, as far as we can see.


If you need help either with placing an order or the order already in progress, you can get in touch with the customer support team. Past customers are saying, though, that the ‘100% money back guarantee’ isn’t exactly as described. Having asked for a refund, many of them have found that they weren’t entitled to their money back, even though they weren’t happy with their order.

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