Qualityessay.co.uk review

Expensive services, unclear refund policy, no quality guarantees
  • Rating - 3.7/10


In conclusion, Quality Essays is seriously over priced and there are cheaper alternative writing services out there who will give you the same quality work for a lot less money and with guarantees in place to ensure your satisfaction.


With so many UK writing services available, it can be hard to know which ones are reliable. We have written this review in an attempt to answer your question: is Quality Essay reliable?

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Read on to find out if qualityessay.co.uk is a good choice for you.

The Services Offered

Quality Essay offer a wide range of essay types, although that information isn’t available until you come to place your order. They cover pretty much all types of essays plus dissertations and theses across all of the mainstream subjects.

qualityessay.co.uk review

They have a section on their homepage dedicated to thesis writing which implies this is their area of specialisation. They are aimed at students studying in Britain.

The Pricing

For a first class thesis to be written in 24 hours, the prices start at an eye-watering £29.99 per page, which is approximately 250 words. There are slightly cheaper options for lower grade papers but it seems like a false economy. Why buy a paper that won’t get you top grades?

They do offer a discount code for up to 30% off your order, but you won’t see how much of a discount you’ll get with the coupon until you place an order. There’s nowhere on the site to review this without placing an order. This means you would have to set up an account with them and login just to get a quote for your essay.

While this doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a scam, it does make it a nuisance and can waste a lot of your time.

Even with the full 30% off, Quality Essays is expensive.

qualityessay.co.uk prices

The Support

There is a telephone service available. However, the number isn’t a United Kingdom number. The onsite chat support is more about plugging the discount and trying to convince you to order from them than providing any useful information.

The Quality You Can Expect

The site claims to offer free re-writes of your paper, but it doesn’t offer refunds for unsatisfactory work. This implies that the quality isn’t great. Surely if they were confident that the work is good, they would have no problem backing it up with a guarantee.

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