Qualitydissertation.co.uk review

Some students claim terrible experience and quality
  • Rating - 2.5/10


As mentioned within the review, they have not got many writers on their team to produce the work so perhaps this is the problem when it comes to them receiving very mixed reviews. While some people have had great experiences, others have had terrible ones.

They are also not clear on their refund policy, so you may be better off with an alternative service within the United Kingdom.


When it comes to selecting a UK writing service to complete your coursework for you, it can be quite a risk to take. But we think it should not be a risk at all so we have created this review to tell you all about Quality Dissertation.

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Are Qualitydissertation.co.uk legit or a scam? We will find out here!


Qualitydissertation.co.uk say on their website that they only hire professional writers to complete the work and that they are fully UK based, which is important for having a native writer who can produce great work. The service has 105 writers on their team which is much less than other writing services but still a good amount, but you are right to be weary on whether they could take on all of the work without any delays.

qualitydissertation.co.uk review

Quality Dissertation say that they will complete any revisions needed and that they will always meet your deadlines. Regardless of whether you need an essay, assignment or dissertation they can complete it.


While QualityDissertation claim that they will only ever deliver quality work to their customers, one thing stands out from their pricing guide. They do not adjust their prices based on grade levels or area of study, which leaves the questions – will you be getting average quality? It seems that they charge the same for work at a GCSE level and PHD, which is not that great at all.


As mentioned above, Qualitydissertation.co.uk base their prices off wordcount so it was very simple to us to come up with a price example for you.

If you required a piece of work that was 2000 words long, they will deliver it back to you within 2-4 days and it will cost you £90. While this price is not overly expensive, it really is not too great that you can pay £90 for a 2000 word essay regardless of what grade level you want or what level of degree you are completing.

As QualityDissertation ask all of their customers to pay half the amount upfront, on this instance you would be paying £45 as a deposit. They do not offer any discount codes or coupons.


Online, QualityDissertation have received very mixed reviews that range from two to 4.5 stars. Where some customers are saying that they were great and produced good work, others are saying that the work came in late which is not great for students with deadlines and that they did not keep to the wordcount. Many reviews also stated that they were not pleased with the grade that their work achieved after handing it in either and only just about passed their assignments with the work.

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