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It seems with this website that the negative reviews are correct, and that they can’t be trusted to produce a high quality paper. There is far too much focus on getting your business, and absolutely no effort to highlight how students can benefit from using their service, or why they are better for you and your grades.


We wanted to make sure that students have an honest review to read before they decide to pay for a paper from Pro-Academic. It’s important to ask yourself – is legit or is it a scam? Answering that question is essential before you hand over your cash and place your education and grades in their hands.

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While Pro-Academic states that they are based in the UK and understand what students studying at universities in the United Kingdom are looking for, their landing page is badly written, and their services are more expensive than others. Plus, when you initially login to complete an order form, you’re informed about a discount code when you sign up, but you’re not asked about the subject or type of assignment you want. All of the focus is on money, not quality or your needs as a student. You can’t even make sure at first that they offer the services you want. review


If the written content of the website is representative of the quality of papers, then you can’t expect much. This looks like it’s been written by a non-native English speaker using an online translator. If they go to such little effort to make a good impression for their business, then it’s hard to imagine pro-academic producing high-quality work for their clients. This is definitely a red flag, and the first indication that you should look for an alternative essay writing service.

Prices of

As mentioned above, there is a coupon available when you first sign up. You can get a price quote by stating your word count, deadline, and the grade you want –for example a 3000 word paper in 4 days at a 2:1 standard would be £210 – but you don’t get to specify that you’re undergraduate, or master’s, which would normally change your grade, or choose a subject, as medicine and law papers are often more expensive.


There is an email address and phone number if you’re not happy and want a refund, however there are very few guarantees that you’ll get a response and get your money back if you want it. You also don’t seem to get to have any content with your specific writer to talk through issues or points or go over revisions.

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    I’ve be trying to get a refund from this company that tells me everyday I will receive it soon with nothing being returned. Then they give me different excuses so their staff has COVID and then their system is slow. I wouldn’t even bother going back and forth if their Wise bank didn’t deny giving me my money bank when I had my bank request it.


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    very bad service didn’t follow the instruction and garbage delivery. not recommended at all.


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