Massive additions to the price, probably not UK based
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This business will try to take money off you at every point so you should definitely explore alternative essay writing services. You can find a service with rave reviews and much better guarantees regarding the grades and quality you will receive.


Prime Essays  appears to be an essay writing service based in the United Kingdom, however they seem a lot more like a business than a service for students, as they charge for every single thing they can – which makes you want to ask: is prime essays legit? This review hopes to shed some light.

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Prime Essays appear to offer a host of services once you login, however they don’t ask enough questions to be able to produce a quality paper. For example, you don’t get to specify the grade you want or the quality you’re looking for, and while they appear to target British students, you have to pay extra for UK spelling. They do limit the number of pages that they will do in a short amount of time, however they will still offer to do about 1500 words in 3 hours – which is an awful lot. review

Quality make a lot of promises regarding originality and quality, however they are all very vague and generic. No promises are made regarding receiving a certain grade for a paper, and there is no information at all specifically about the qualifications or experience of the writers. They also don’t say anything at all regarding the circumstances in which you can get a refund.


You can end up paying a lot more than the base price when you order from Prime Essays. A regular 3000 word essay that’s at university level and has a 7 day deadline can cost £209.54. But, you will then have extra charges added on to that number if you want a ‘Top 10 Writer’ or ‘VIP Support’ amongst other features; although there is no information regarding what these services entail. This can massively add to the cost, and what you actually receive for these extra charges is all very vague. Plus, you are not guaranteed a grade or any kind of quality, despite the high prices, and there is no space to enter a discount code or any kind of coupon. This makes the service seem like a scam.


There is a UK phone number and a live chat window, however the phone number is in a format that is unusual for UK numbers. There’s a contact form, but no email address or physical address, so it’s not at all clear whether you’ll actually receive any support or not.

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    Completely not serious business and late delivery date!


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