No information about company, no reviews. Overall lack of trust.
  • Rating - 3.4/10


We were very surprised to find out very little information on the company when we looked into them and even more surprised that they seem to have little to no reviews online. Based on the lack of information going about on the company, we don’t feel that they could be trusted so it may be best to look into an alternative writing service that has more information to back them up, so you don’t risk having to seek a refund.


As we understand just how important it is to read reviews before selecting which writing service you should go with, we have written some reviews on a range of services within the United Kingdom. Is legit? Read on to find out.

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Whether you need your personal statement written from scratch because you have no idea what to do with it, or you have already written one up yourself but need someone else to take a look and make sure that it reads okay as well as being error free, then Personal Statement Pro can offer you just that.

PersonalStatementPro claim to be the UK’s leading personal statement writing and editing service, but are can they live up to the expectation that comes with this bold statement? review


Surprisingly, Personal Statement Pro’s website doesn’t give any ideas as to the quality of their work. They mention facts and figures about what they can do for you, information on their two services as well as providing figures about how many customers they claim to recommend them, when it comes down to seeing how good they actually are, they are fairly quiet.

We had to do a little search online to see what others thought of their work and found hardly anything about them online – which is very odd of a writing service.

Prices has a very clear pricing guide on their website but so you have an idea of what you would be looking to pay, we have provided you with some guidelines.

If you needed your personal statement simply edited, they would make sure that the style and tone was good while removing any errors within the document. This service would cost you anywhere from £60. However, if you needed your personal statement to be written for you completely from scratch, this service would cost you from £100. prices

Their services aren’t exactly cheap and affordable for students and they also provide no sort of discount code or coupons.


As we mentioned above, we struggled to find a review about this writing service in terms of the quality of their work and what others thought of them, which is very strange from an established company. However, the two pages that we did come across were surprisingly both discussions about whether or not PersonalStatmentPro was a scam.

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