Spelling mistakes, no actual guarantees
  • Rating - 2.8/10


Despite their website claiming them to be one of the best writing services within the United Kingdom, their spelling mistakes simply undermine their ability to write or proofread further work. While they are fairly affordable, you may be better off going with an alternative writing service that can guarantee great work first time.


Before choosing which writing service to go with, it is best to read some reviews and experiences that other people have had, especially as you may worry about them being a scam. Trusting a service with your grades is a big deal so you need to make sure they are trustworthy.

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Is Great Paper legit? Read on to find out.


Great Paper offer their writing services on a huge range of projects from essays, dissertations, research proposals and article reviews. Whatever it is that you are looking to order, you will most probably find that offer it. review

On their homepage, they have a quick and easy order form which is perfect for time saving. Below that form Great Paper also provide their potential customers with information on how many past orders they have completed to date, how many active writers and proofreaders they have and even how many operators they have online to help you with any queries, which offers clarity on what you will be receiving.


While GreatPaper are providing us with a huge amount of information on their services they are also promising to deliver papers that are free from plagiarism. On their website they name themselves as one of the top UK writing services, however, meanwhile their website content is littered with spelling mistakes – the first of which is on the homepage, which does not offer much in terms of trust and quality.

As their spelling mistakes are very visible it is important to be aware of their returns policy. While they are clear on providing a full refund in times when there is no writer available to complete the work and so on, they have not outlined in a case of the buyer being unsatisfied. But they do state that they will fix the paper unlimited amount of times.


So that you are aware of the price range that you would be looking to pay, we have provided you with an outline of their price guide. If you wish to purchase a high school paper, their pricing starts from £9.00 per page and if you are wanting to order a Master’s degree level paper then their pricing starts at £16 per page.

All qualification and degree levels in between those two are, of course, in the middle of the price range. Great Paper are do not offer may discount codes.


A noteworthy review is one of the first reviews that pop up within a search online. Great Paper have been given a mere 1 out of 5 stars for their quality of work, as their work contained some plagiarism or mistakes.

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