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Low quality service
  • Rating - 3.1/10


Hopefully reviews such as this will encourage students to find an alternative essay writing service, as this one is hard to use, and promises nothing in terms of quality.


Elite Assignment is an essay and assignment writing service that appears to be based in the UK and offers services specific to universities and students in the United Kingdom. The issue with assignment writing services is that there are so many to choose from, so it’s hard to know if something is a scam, and you may find yourself asking: is eliteassignment.co.uk legit? This review should help you answer your concerns.

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EliteAssignment is not a typical essay writing service, as there is nowhere to order online, and no order form to fill in. Normally, you can just login and order a paper, but here you need to call or email to make your order. This is less convenient, and there is therefore less information online, so you don’t have a list of subjects, topics, deadlines to choose from.

eliteassignment.co.uk review


The landing page of the website is written in remarkably poor English, so you don’t get a lot of confidence in the abilities in the service straight away. Another issue is that the qualifications of the writers is very vague – they are apparently highly educated and have advanced degrees from the UK, but there’s no promise. This sounds good, but there’s no assurance that they only write about their field, and as there’s no drop down list to select a subject, it’s hard to know what the real background of the writers is. Plus, there’s no promise that the writers are native English speakers, which can be a concern.


There is a price list, which gives you the option of a word count and the price – from £90 for 2000 words to £650 for 20,000. This is very cheap, even without a discount code or coupon, which can be a problem for several reasons. First, prices this low indicate low quality, and give the appearance that the website is outsourcing its writers to cheaper countries like India or Vietnam, where the writers may not have experience of UK universities. Second, there are no variations, so you can’t choose between undergraduate or PhD, or to get a certain grade. It’s just a flat rate, which indicates the essays are all very generic.


As you need to call or email to order a paper, you will probably be able to access customer service easily, but as there’s no guarantee of a particular grade or level of education, it would be hard to complain and get a refund.

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