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Low quality website with grammar mistakes, doubtful reviews online
  • No information about the company, hidden pricing model, only editing services - 3.1/10


Is Edit Geeks legit? That’s the burning question isn’t it. With so little information available, it makes sense to try and find a more open service. Whenever you have to login to a site just to get basic information, it raises a red flag.

It would be more advisable to hire a more reliable company that is upfront about fees prior to ordering.

This service is also only useful to anyone who has already written their assignment, and you could argue that if you’ve done that, you’ve done the hard part.


A bit different to other UK writing services, Edit Geeks isn’t a full writing service. Instead, they specialise in helping students who have already written their paper and want some help to make sure it’s as good as it can be.

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Edit Geeks concentrate on editing, proof reading, formatting and transcribing existing work, so if you are looking for help writing an assignment, you will need to seek out an alternative United Kingdom based writing service.

The Quality of the Service

Upon review of the website, editgeeks.com, it soon becomes apparent that there are grammatical errors and some very awkward sentences. This is quite worrying when considering whether or not they will offer a good, reliable editing and proof reading service. There are no samples for reviews by customers either which makes you wonder if this is a scam.

editgeeks.com review

You have to sign up and login before you can even begin to find out any information other than what’s on the very basic homepage of this site.

There is a list of the industries they work in, but none of them are clickable so it’s impossible to get more details of the services within the industries.

Support Available

Edit Geeks have a live chat facility that will pop up as soon as you land on the site. They also offer a telephone number, which is an 0800 number so is free to call from UK landlines, and an email service.

The Pricing

There is no information available on pricing, not even a general guide, unless you sign up and submit an order to them. This is very off putting as it wastes a lot of time if the price is then way outside of your budget.

With regards to coupons and discount codes, again there is no information available on these without creating an account.

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    your review says they only offer editing, but they sell writing service too, but it’s only available through chat and registration. even though it was extremely low quality writing, partially taken from articles available on the internet without any proper referencing. and they where gone after that.


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