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One-page website, no information available about the company or it's previous customers
  • Rating - 3.6/10


In summarize, despite the nicely laid out website, Editection.co.uk has a rather restrictive list of services, high prices, and limited support options which when compared to the leading, more reputable custom essay writing services, there are definitely better options out there.


Claiming to be a ‘close-knit’ collection of expert consultants and professional writers, it’s easy to see why UK students would be tempted to hire the services of Editection. With a nicely laid out and well-presented website, Editection isn’t like your standard custom essay writing service.

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9.4 /10

Instead, Editection is a consultancy service where you can sign up to be connected with experts who can assist you in writing your essays when you’re stuck trying to find information. Could this be the service you’re looking for?


As mentioned above, Editection provides a consultancy service, not a custom essay writing service. This means you can talk to an expert writer about research and they will provide you with sources of information that you can use!

The service also provides a quality assurance service where it can check your written content to ensure its high-quality and uses proper grammar. However, this does mean you still have to write the essay yourself and not saving any real time, unless you find it difficult to find information online.

editection.co.uk review


There are no dedicated testimonial pages on the website, only a small selection of unhelpful reviews. However, searching online we discovered that the quality of the work was really inconsistent and there was an average split of negative reviews.


To give you a rough idea on price, if you want help with a Master’s assignment that’s 3,000 words long with a 4-7 deadline (semi-urgent assistance), you’ll be looking to pay in the region of £250.

This is fairly expensive for a service of this magnitude and many students will this kind of price difficult to justify, especially as a regular service.


There are only a handful of ways you can contact the customer service team at Editection. There’s no dedicated contact page, only the live chat feature on every page and a 0800 number that you can use.
The live chat only operates during limited hours of the week, so you may find it difficult to get in contact with the company, especially if you need to get hold of them urgently.

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