Dueduedue.com review

Grammar mistakes in website content. Website claims to serve UK students, but all pricing and paper details are for US academic standards only.
  • Rating - 5.2/10


While some points of this website may seem good to an untrained eye, most of them point to it being a less reliable site to work with. There are plenty alternative websites and services, which are more trustworthy and reliable.


Students have always struggled with the amount of work that they have to do for their schools. That struggle is even harder now as there are so many distractions wherever they go. That’s why there are so many essay-writing services available.

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In this review, we’ll try to determine is Dueduedue legit or a scam.


Dueduedue.com offers various services to its students, from case studies to research papers and more. The site can be a bit confusing to an average British student as the website is Chinese and features an option to translate it to English which it only partially does. We have determined that they offer the same services in China and in United Kingdom. They state that they are experts in writing business documents and proposals.

dueduedue.com review


The website offers a page where you can preview some of the samples of the work their tutors and writers did. At a first glance, it may seem that they are good for you, but a closer examination reveals that there’s a general lack of cohesiveness and plenty of style mistakes that would not go well with UK schools and universities. There are some good reviews on the websites and some social proof but, based on these reviews it’s hard to say that this service provides adequate services.

Prices at Due due due

Once you login and translate the website, you’ll be able to see that there is ‘prices’ option in the menu, which takes you to a page with a thorough price plan. The prices are in dollars but you could convert that via some online convertor for easier understanding. Some of the prices get pretty high but they can be low in some cases – this says that pricing is average for an essay writing service. We haven’t been able to find any discounts, discount codes or coupons that you could use.

dueduedue.com price options


As far as we could see, you can contact them but no phone number that you could use on, a physical address. There is a chat bot in the form of a cartoon man waving at you from the side of the screen and that is probably how they expect you to get any additional information.

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