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We decided it was time to review Coursework Point so students can make informed choices when they look for an essay writing service. There’s a multitude of reasons that a student in the UK could find themselves need some help, but before they pay for a paper, they should ask themselves, ‘is legit? Or is it a scam?’ Hopefully our reviews can help you answer that, and you can only ever buy papers with total confidence.


When you login to the website you simply select the services you’re looking for. However, unlike reliable services, CourseworkPoint does not ask you for your subject, your essay title, or your academic level. They only ask for a word count, a deadline, and the grade you want, which is what they need to determine price. The priority is their business, not providing students with a great service. review


While the website states that they won’t plagiarise them and that there’s a thorough process before they hire a writer, CourseWork Point do little to back up their claims. They don’t state what kind of plagiarism software they use to check their documents, and they don’t state that their writers are native English speakers, educated in the United Kingdom, or what qualifications they have.


The prices are pretty low, however there is no discount code or coupon available, so it seems like you’ll pay full price. However, such low rates can indicate poor quality, which seems to be the case here due to the very vague description of the writers. For example, a 3000 word paper at a 2:1 level with a 7 day turnaround is only £119.88, which is a lot lower than competitors. There’s also a worry that the paypal symbol is not official, and the debit and credit card symbols aren’t properly placed, so your finances may not be secure.


The Facebook and Twitter pages don’t lead anywhere, and there’s no phone number, only an email address, so the chances of getting a refund or customer service are pretty slim. There’s a live chat window too, but this seems like a robot. None of the links on the website are reliable or trustworthy, which makes the website overall unreliable.

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