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Considering that they have been found to be of poor quality and that their work sometimes has been plagiarised, it isn’t worth the risk. Many universities are very strict on plagiarism and if you are found to be submitting this type of work, it could potentially put an end to your studies. So it would be best to go with an alternative who wouldn’t put you at this type of risk.


We feel that it is important for students to know all about the UK writing services that they are looking to potentially order from, as you never want to be in a situation of fighting for a refund if it goes wrong. Is legit? Or a total scam? We will soon find out!

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Coursework Box claim on their website that they will never let you down when it comes to quality or timeliness, however every single writing service within the United Kingdom suggest in some way that they are either the best around or can offer you a superb service. They can’t all come through with this every time, can they? off their customers two different types of service; to either order a custom written assignment or to purchase a pre-written assignment, which will depend on what you need. review

Coursework Box also have a few different samples on their website that anyone can view to get a better idea of the type of work they produce, these samples are from a few different subjects.


When we took a look at some of the sample articles on the CourseworkBox website we thought that their work was of average quality, while it certainly wasn’t terrible it also wasn’t the best either. However, it didn’t come as a shock after seeing that there are grammar and spelling mistakes throughout the website.

When we took a look online for a review on, we found that some information that a few previous customers discovered that their order had been plagiarised on some level, which isn’t acceptable when you are paying for original work.


CourseworkBox offer an easy to use instant quote generator, although before you are able to get your quote you must give out your personal details. This isn’t ideal, especially if you’re not sure whether you will be placing an order with them or not. Luckily, the site is able to be fooled with email addresses and phone numbers that aren’t real. prices

They offer no discount code or coupons.


As we mentioned above, we took a look at some other reviews elsewhere online. One in particular mentioned that they found Coursework Box to be poorly written and didn’t include any of the references that were requested from them. While they did agree to a revision within 24 hours, they missed this second deadline.

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