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College Help is a service aimed at college students in all United Kingdom colleges.

The Services Offered

College Help offers essay writing services, proof reading and editing services, plagiarism checking services and they can also provide you with study guides to help you in any topic. review

The Quality

The quality of immediately begs the question is College Help legit?

The site’s pages are all just replicas of the homepage, making it very difficult to get any real information about who they are, what they do or how reliable they are. Even the FAQ page is just the homepage again.

They do share customer reviews, but there is no external link to reviews to prove their legitimacy.

The Pricing

This site is pretty cheap. You can get a 5,000 word dissertation starting from just over £300. Although it’s cheaper than some alternative sites, it’s still a lot of money to just hand over.

The site does offer money back guarantees if you’re not satisfied, but there’s no information on how this works.

There is no mention of discount codes or coupons.

The Support

The main support they offer is through What’s App or Facebook Messenger. This isn’t great as offsite chat means there’s no official record of conversations you have. They will send you a username and password through these messaging services to login to the website rather than letting you create an account on the site.

There is onsite chat available, but it reads like a bot, not a person in the UK.


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