No samples of writing, risks of use
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Assignment Land are not showcasing any sample work on their website like many other writing services they do not offer much in terms of verification on what they are claiming.

With your grades being too important to risk, it may be better for you to go with an alternative when you take into consideration that their average review online is about 2 stars and you may not have time to seek a refund.


Putting your trust into an unknown UK writing service can be quite daunting, therefore we have created this review to help you pick out the best writing service there is out there for you and your needs. We will find out whether is legit or a scam.

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AssignmentLand are available 24/7 on their website and can complete a huge range of assignments for their customers, from essays to dissertations. They offer free revisions with all of their orders, plus a money back guarantee if you should need it.

You can either order your custom assignment to be completed or order one from them that they have already created for their customers to purchase. On the basis that you would order a custom assignment, we have put together a price example. review

If you were to order an essay that is 275 words/1 page in length and must be returned to you within 10 days, it would cost you £10.39. For this price you will get a standard quality essay however nothing else is described or what standard quality means for you in terms of grades.

Quality do not showcase any reviews on their website like other services, however they do say that your work will only be completed by professional writers who have years of experience in their fields. They go on to say that all of the work that they produce will come back to you free of all types of errors.

Prices instantly offer all of their customers 25% off discount codes with extra 5% off when you use their app instead. With them claiming to be competitive with their prices, we have put together a price example.

If you ordered an assignment that must be delivered within 7 days, achieve a 2:1 grade and be 1 page long/250 words then this would cost you £13.50, making them not the best priced but certainly not overly expensive either.

While their prices are definitely not expensive, they are not incredibly cheap either. However, they do offer their customers some discounts codes and coupons to use that are advertised on their website.


By searching online for various reviews, struggle to achieve a review that goes past two stars. One reviewer noted on the lack of sample work on their site which they found to doubt their credibility. You will also find other reviews where people found high levels of plagiarism.

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