1Clickdissertation.co.uk review

Low quality writing, unclear refund policy
  • Rating - 3.4/10


Despite 1ClickDisseration offering to do free revisions, their refund policy is just not that great so we cannot recommend them as a service to use. You would be better off going with an alternative service who are less of a risk with your money.


We understand how vital it is for students who are looking into a dissertation writing service, to know exactly what they are getting for their money. With there being so many services in the UK, you need to be able to pinpoint who the best are so we have written this review to help you in your search.

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Is 1ClickDissertation.co.uk legit? Or just another scam? We are about to find out.


As their name tells you, 1 Click Dissertation only provide their writing service within the United Kingdom for students who are looking to get some help with their dissertation. While they have limited their reach, they do offer three different services. You can either order a custom dissertation, buy a pre-written dissertation of get them to write up your proposal. While there is no mention of an editing service, they do offer free revisions on all orders.

1clickdissertation.co.uk review


When we looked into the quality of their work, we found that many previous customers were unhappy with the quality of their dissertation due to either spelling mistakes or plagiarism. Simply, they just aren’t up to scratch to claim they are able to write dissertations that require so much skill and knowledge.


To give you an idea of their pricing, we have put together an example for you. If you were to order a 2:1 graded dissertation that was due in 10 days or more, you are looking to pay £14.50. We assume that this price is just one page only, but it does include a free title page, revisions, reference page and formatting.

1clickdissertation.co.uk prices

They offer a discount code of 15% that they claim is unmatched, however almost every other writing service out there offers this exact same coupon, or better.


When we did a bit of research into the company, with the help of a few reviews, we found out that their refund policy is a lot stricter than they try to make out on their website. So if you are not happy with your dissertation then you will have to battle them to get all of your money back, the likelihood is that you will only get a small amount back.

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    Missed deadline because this company failed to deliver what they promised. They promised I would receive the paper before the deadline and then I got at email 6 hours after the deadline saying that they need another week. Absolutely shocking and needless to say I failed the assignment because of 1clickdissertation.


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