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When you’re considering using an essay writing service, the one thing you’ll want to know is ‘is Write My Essay legit? A lot of students fall victim to scam websites that take their money and then deliver nothing, or deliver a really poor quality paper that they just can’t hand in to their school. Hopefully this review will help you figure out which writing services you can actually trust.


WriteMyEssay is like a lot of other essay writing services – they offer to do way too much, and so clearly aren’t experts on anything in particular. There are literally hundreds of options available for you to choose from, and in my opinion they don’t ask for enough details to produce anything specific to your class, or even good enough to hand in. I think you’ll end up with a really vague and generic paper. review


One thing that does promise is that all of their writers have graduated from universities in the United Kingdom. However, there’s no promises that they graduated in the subject they write about, or a promise that they’re actually a native English speaker, rather than someone who studied online with a UK institute. While they say you’ll get a 2:1, I’m not sure how they guarantee this, so I’m pretty sceptical of the quality.


This is a very expensive website. I had a look at an average paper, which for most schools would be 3000 words, at a 2:1 standard, and for most students a 5 day turnaround would be about right. This would cost £345 here, which is a massive amount for your average poor student. Plus, I couldn’t even see an option to use a discount code or coupon, so it looks like you’ll be paying full price.


There are 2 email addresses and a phone number, as well as an address. This is strange, as most modern businesses have social media profiles, so it makes me wonder why they wouldn’t want you to be able to openly and easily get in touch. It’s really easy not to answer a call or email so I wouldn’t be confident about getting a refund if you need one. You can login to your account, but you won’t necessarily find any help there.


There are so many alternative essay writing services out there, that I would check their reviews and pick one of them. I definitely would not be opting for Write My Essay, as they are lacking a lot of information, and are way overpriced.

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