Dissertationhub.co.uk review

High prices, no guarantee on received quality
  • Rating - 3.6/10


The implication of a low quality return for high prices if you need a quick turnaround makes this site feel like enough of a tricky that you might want to seek out a different writing service. While their admission of this is admirable in a way, it doesn’t inspire much confidence in their writers.


Dissertation Hub, a UK dissertation writing service, claim themselves to be “the most trusted dissertation writing service” with “the best prices in town”.

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Sounds good, but do they live up to their claims and is Dissertation Hub legit?

Our review will help you to decide for yourself is dissertationhub.co.uk is a reliable service that can help you with your dissertation or not.

dissertationhub.co.uk review


The Quality of Your Paper

Dissertation Hub state on the site that they recommend placing an order early to avoid disappointment in the quality of the work. This implies that if you don’t give them much time, the quality will be poor, and there is no mention of a refund in this case.

When you pay for a service, you expect a quality paper and Dissertation Hub imply you might not get that using their faster services which is worrying to say the least.

The Support Available

There is a United Kingdom telephone number and a live chat facility, however, you can’t talk to support unless you login which is a nuisance if you have a query about how relevant the service is to you.

The Pricing of Your Paper

The prices depend on your academic level, the length of your paper and how quickly you need it. A 10 page PhD paper comes in at just under £400 for a return in seven days. However, if you allow a month for the paper to be written, you will only make an £80 saving which isn’t much considering the difference in the timing.

dissertationhub.co.uk prices

There is a discount code for 15% off your first order. Using this coupon on the example above would save you around £60, which means you dissertation is still quite expensive, and budget is an important factor for most students when deciding on which service to use.

The Services You Can Expect

This site’s only service is dissertation writing for students in Britain. Several reviews of the site found this to be the case. You will need to find an alternative writing service if you are looking for anything else.

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