Lack of services, lack of information on website. Number of negative reviews.


To summarise, isn’t the worst site in the world, but there’s definitely room for improvement. By adding more services, more contact options and more affordable prices, this would be a recommendable service. However, in the meantime, we highly advise using one of the more reputable websites.


Let’s be honest, writing essays and completing assignments are not the most enjoyable task in the world. Now when you add the stresses and pressures of everyday life that all students feel, it simply because daunting and even overwhelming, especially when those deadlines approach thick and fast.

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To alleviate some of these stresses, many students are turning to custom essay writing services, just like UK-Essay, but is this the right service for you?


Using the ‘Services’ page, or the menus on the homepage, you’ll be able to find out whether UK-Essay can handle your assignment request. However, you’ll quickly notice that there are only seven key services to choose from. review

These include the most basic service types including custom essays and term papers to book reports and dissertations. Although these are the most common services, some students may be forced to go elsewhere for their project.


There is no dedicated review or testimonials page on the website, so you’ll have to search online to find customer reviews. However, there is a samples page, so you can see first-hand the type of content that the service produces.

But, searching online, we discovered that there was an even split when it came to positive and negative reviews. Some customers had a good experience, whereas others vowed never to use the service again!


You can use the pricing calculator on the pricing page to work out an accurate quote on your assignment. As a rough guideline to give you an idea on price, a standard ten-page essay that’s written to a Platinum quality with a 5-day deadline will set you back around £269. prices

Although this isn’t the most expensive service in the world, it definitely isn’t the most affordable, and some students will struggle to afford this, let alone to use it as a regular service.


There are only a handful of ways you can contact the service if you need assistance. Since there is no dedicated contact page, you’ll find all the information you need in the header of the website.

Here, you’ll find a 24/7 UK phone number (with a toll) and a live chat feature. However, there is no dedicated email addresses, no dedicated email form, no social media page links or anything like that, meaning you may be stuck waiting a long time for a reply if the lines get busy.

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