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Low quality writing, out of UK registration
  • Rating - 2.1/10


You might want to read a couple more reviews before you make a decision, but in all honesty, I’d find an alternative option for an essay writing service. I just can’t see speedyessay.co.uk one delivering on their promises, and I’m wary that there’s very little support, and that the only ways of getting in touch are kind of dated.


It’s totally understandable for a student to need some help at some point during their education. Whether all of your deadlines land at the same time, or your part time job or extra-curriculars are just too demanding to keep up with your assignments, it’s OK to ask for help. Unfortunately some essay writing services take advantage of desperate students, and it’s hard to know what’s a scam and what’s not. This review will try to answer the question, is Speedy Essay legit?

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Services Offered by Speedy Essay

SpeedyEssay states it’s a UK based essay writing service that will write about dozens of topics at High School, Undergraduate, Master’s or PhD level. This is kind of a red flag as only a real expert can write to PhD standard on any given subject, so I feel like they can’t deliver on everything they offer. Plus, they don’t specify the academic level or qualifications of their writers, so in all honesty I’m not sure what kind of service they provide.

speedyessay.co.uk review


While you’re guaranteed a certain grade, I have no idea how they can promise this, and I have real doubts about the qualifications of the writers. They offer to write about way too many subjects at way too many levels, so I think they must provide generic papers, that won’t get good grades.


A 2000 word paper with a six day turnaround costs £124, and that’s if you opt for a 2:1. This goes up to £172 if you want a 1st class paper in 4 days, though I’m not sure how they can promise this as universities across the United Kingdom grade very differently. Unfortunately there’s no space to add a discount code or a coupon so you’ll probably have to pay full price.


When you make an order, you automatically create login details, which means you can access support for your account later. There’s a phone number, a contact form, and a live chat window, however what’s slightly concerning is the fact that there are no links at all to social media. That’s really bizarre for a modern business.

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