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Inactive company, can't be verified
  • Rating - 3.1/10


Unfortunately, based on what we found on their two social media accounts, we cannot verify that this company can be trusted or if they are a scam as they are either not active at all, with very little followers, or have removed their pages altogether. It would be far better to go with an alternative service within the United Kingdom who can be trusted, as you don’t want to be requesting refunds which only waste time.


We are dedicated to providing students with reviews on a range of UK based writing services. This time we are looking at Speedy Course Work and asking the question: is speedycoursework.co.uk legit?

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Speedy Course Work claim that they offer the best academic services around, however, they have very little to prove that. They offer two different writing services and that is to either purchase one of their pre-written papers or order your own custom paper.

In addition to that, they are able to write papers on a range of subjects.

speedycoursework.co.uk review


Despite claiming to be a great writing service, they haven’t been able to proofread their own website content very well at all. With their website having a few spelling and grammar mistakes dotted around, it doesn’t bode well for what they have to offer you in terms of grades.

While they have a blog link within their header, to presumably show off some of their samples of writing, this page has been taken down so the link no longer works, which is a bit odd. There is no message about the page being re-designed or updated in some way, so we can only assume that the page is gone or good.


SpeedyCourseWork have an easy to use price generator which will give you two different prices depending on what you need. To give you a better idea of their pricing, we have provided you with a price example below.

If you were to order a 1 page essay of 275 words that was due in 10 days, you would be paying £10.39 for standard quality and a few pound more for premium quality. They only offer standard or premium quality but there is no indication on what grade you would achieve with this, which is a bit of a stab in the dark for concerned students.

Speedycoursework.co.uk also offer a 15% discount code for their customers, but no other coupons are available.


When we looked a little bit further into Speedycoursework.co.uk we found that they have given links to their social media accounts. When we checked them out we were in for a surprise. Shockingly, they have just 7 followers on Twitter and they haven’t been active on it since September 2016. Which raises the question, are they still active? Can they be trusted?

When we looked even further into their Facebook page for a review, we found that the page has actually been taken down, despite still providing the links on their website.

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