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Finding a custom essay writing service to suit your needs can be hard work. There’s so many to choose from; it’s easy to get overwhelmed and not even know where to begin.

However, you might have found your way over to Scholarly Editors, a custom essay writing service that claims to be one of the best while making the process as easy as possible. Here’s everything you need to know.


Unlike most custom essay writing services, the only single service that Scholarly Editors provides is editing. There are no services for writing from scratch and no proofreading services, just editing. This means you will have already had to have written your essay for the service to be worth anything.

However, this may be what you’re after. If so, the site covers pretty much all the subjects you could be writing an essay about. review


There’s no reviews or testimonials page on the website and not even online. This leads us to believe the website is new and hasn’t had any real customers who have left reviews.

This means the quality of the editing is debatable and invest your time and money in this service would be a risk on your behalf.


The only way to get a price for your editing task is by signing up for an account using your email address, name and phone number. This is a poor way to do things since you’re handing over all your personal details before you even know whether or not you’re going to use the website.

There’s no sign saying that the website doesn’t sell your private information. The site probably quotes on an individual basis or charges a huge amount of money which is why they’re hiding the prices until you’ve gone through the sign-up process.


Since there are no pages on the website apart from the homepage, there’s also no contact page which means you’re going to have to go hunting if you want to get in contact with the site. In the header, you’ll find a UK phone number and a single email address. There’s also a live chat feature.

However, there are no social media links, Skype or customer service email addresses, something a good website should have.

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    Got them on google, but I really didn’t like what they did with my assignment. Also, despite only offering editing service they actually write papers, but they are not good at it at all!


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