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With Peak Dissertation, it all comes back to the price. For that sort of money, you would expect outstanding quality and instant support, neither of which are present. There are alternative services out there offering similar quality and levels of support for much less money and we would recommend anyone on a typical student budget will find a better service.


Peak Dissertation is a dissertation writing service that is primarily aimed at students studying at a university in Britain. They do work with students in other countries too, but their work is tailored to the United Kingdom education system, so if you are studying in another country, you will be best finding an alternative that is tailored to the education system of that country.

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The Services Offered

Peak Dissertation offers a full dissertation service. They will generate your thesis, research and write your paper and edit and proof read it.

They offer a standard service (guaranteed 2:2), a second standard service (guaranteed 2:1) and a premium service (guaranteed first). review

The Quality

For that price, you would expect a perfect dissertation whose quality can rival published academic writers.

So is Peak Dissertation legit providing that?

Well according to the customer reviews, yes. However, looking over the sample essays suggests otherwise, which makes you wonder if the reviews are reliable.

The sample essays produced aren’t terrible. The citations are correct and the general information is all there, but the essays are worded quite awkwardly and it doesn’t read as if it was written by a writer native to the United Kingdom.

The Pricing

To say is expensive would be an understatement. To get a 15,000 word dissertation through their premium service delivered within six to nine days, it would set you back an astronomical £1317!

Even using their advertised 50% off coupon, this is still way above the prices of similar sites. And worryingly, the site doesn’t mention when you can use the coupon until after you login and place the order.

The sheer amount you will pay makes this site feel like a scam regardless of how reliable they may be. prices

The Level of Support

There is a free to call telephone number, which is good as many sites charge a premium rate for calls. There is also “live” chat which isn’t live and you can expect and reply within one hour. You can also email them.

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    Do yourself a favor and don’t order there. I’ve made a big mistake by ordering a research proposal from Peak Dissertation and after all the hell only received a partial refund.


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