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Papers Lounge is not recommended for students who want to be sure in their results. It does not appear to be the best service out there for students. Their paper writing leaves a lot to be desired, and the fact you can’t even get a price without signing up will be annoying. You may be better off looking for an alternative.


There are so many writing services out there for British students that it’s hard to know who’s a scam and who isn’t. Is Papers Lounge legit? They say they can help you with your essays, but can you really trust them? This review will find out for you.

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The services offered on the website appear to focus on the technical side of writing. There’s tutoring, university application consulting, and plagiarism checking. When it comes to writing though, there’s not an awful lot on offer. They will write for you, but we’re concerned that they won’t be able to offer the same quality as other writing services. review


Reviews from customers are one of the best ways to see if you should trust a writing service with your essay. Judging from the reviews of though, it doesn’t seem too promising. Customers say that their essays were obviously written by non native English speakers. This meant they had to do extensive rewrites themselves, before they could use the essay at school. This puts a lot of pressure on you, when you’re looking to outsource the work.


If you want a quote, most UK sites will give you a price calculator on their home page. With PapersLounge though, this doesn’t seem to be the case. If you want a price, you need to login and send your job to the service to see how much they’ll quote you. It’s far from ideal if you want a price quickly. There is a discount code, but you have to supply your email address to have the coupon sent to you.


There’s a United Kingdom based customer support team, who will help with any issues you’re having with your order. Some customers haven’t found them to be reliable, though. Some say that their refund policy isn’t  as clear as it should be before you order, meaning that some students weren’t able to get their money back on orders that they weren’t able to use. Be aware of this before you order.

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