No real positive reviews, high prices
  • Rating - 2.9/10


There’s no end of essay writing services, and we suggest you find an alternative to this one. If this review doesn’t put you off, you should look at other reviews and try and find something positive, but this is misleading on location, and there are little guarantees for quality.


Help 4 Assignment  is one of many websites that offer writing services for students, however upon looking at the website, students may be curious: is help 4 assignment legit? We aim to provide reviews for students so they know what is a scam, and what they can trust. When you know what to look for, it’s easy to tell when you’re looking at a reliable service, and when you’re not.

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Help4Assignment is pretty vague in what they offer, as you have to simply write in a box on an order form what you want. This isn’t great as you have to just hope that there’s an expert on hand who can handle your assignment. It’s much more secure to select from a list of subjects, as this shows that the service is equipped to handle the topics on the list. You also have to login and provide information and personal details before you can even get an estimate price for your paper, which many people won’t like, as it seems like a breach of privacy. review


There are very few guarantees with this website. If your paper fails, it says that you ‘may’ be permitted to get a refund – it’s not automatic. There’s also no indication at all that the writers are qualified, educated to a certain level, or even native English speakers. These are normally the factors that indicate good quality, so it’s worrying that they’re absent.


This service is a little more expensive than others that offer similar work. At a 3000 word paper with a 3 day turnaround would cost £220.20. There’s no obvious space to enter a discount code from a coupon, so it seems you’ll have to pay full price. What’s really concerning is the fact that you can’t select the grade you want or even what level of education you’re at, so it seems like you’ll get a really generic paper, that can’t provide a good grade.


There’s a UK phone number and an email address however their Facebook page is rarely updated, so it’s not clear how promptly they’ll respond to complaints or concerns. Their location is also listed as New Delhi – not the United Kingdom, so British students may not be getting what they want.

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