Doubtful promises, low trust level
  • Rating - 2.8/10


Overall, I’d look for an alternative essay writing service. I’m sure other reviews will back up this one and agree that this does not seem like a trustworthy or reliable service to rely on, especially not for any important university work.


Many students may find themselves asking, is Essay Tigers legit? It’s hard to know which essay writing services you can trust and which are a scam, but hopefully this review will help the next time you’re in need. It’s normal for a student to need help at some point during their studies, however many businesses are all too eager to take advantage of your desperation, and will take your money but provide a terrible paper in return.

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Services of Essay Tigers

Essay Tigers is a UK based essay writing service that will write all kinds of academic work, including essays, theses, and term papers. You can select from a whole range of topics, and the academic level, as they’ll write for undergraduate, master and high school. You can pick a deadline of anywhere between 24 hours to 10 days. You can also select the quality, however there is no indication of what grade ‘standard’ or ‘premium’ quality will get you. review


I have some doubts about the quality of, for a few reasons. First, they offer to write about literally every possible subject, and I don’t know how they’d have such a wide staff to have an expert in every field. Second, they offer to get a paper back within 24 hours, and it’s literally impossible to produce anything good in that time, even if you’re a genius. And third, you’re not guaranteed any particular grade, so you can’t really complain if your paper fails or you don’t get a good result.


A 3000 word premium quality paper would cost £184.71 for a 3 day turnaround. This is pretty expensive, especially as there’s a high chance you could need a longer paper, or a faster result, and the price would go up. There is a space in the order form for a discount code, but I couldn’t find a coupon anywhere.


When you order a paper, you get login details, and this means that people will have access to your file in case you want to make a complaint or get a refund. There’s a phone number with a United Kingdom code, as well as a live chat window and an order form. However the chat window seems robotic and their social media pages haven’t been updated since last year, so I’m not sure how effective support would be.

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